The Rise of Sutra Mounds and Pure Land of Maitreya
Michinaga's pilgrimage and sutra offerings to Mount Kinpu greatly influenced later courtiers by setting the precedence for aristocrats to carry out similar acts of religious piety from the second half of the eleventh to the twelfth century. Many sutra mounds, such as Kurama Temple Sutra Mound and Hanase Bessho Sutra Mounds, were erected in the vicinity of Kyoto. The many sutra offerings to Maitreya, who, it is said, will appear some 5.67 billion years in the future, attest to the wishes that these scriptures would welcome the arrival of the Future Buddha.
National Treasure
Decorative Buddhist Banner-shaped Sutra Container
(excavated from Kurama-dera Sutra Mound)

Kurama-dera Temple, Kyoto