Section II
Shinto History

Section III
Festivals in Kyoto
Section II traces the origins of shrines and gods through illustrated handscrolls, documents, and maps, such as Genealogy of the Amabe Clan (National Treasure), Illustrated Origin of the Deity Kitano Tenjin (Koan Edition, Important Cultural Property), and Map of Yasaka Shrine (Important Cultural Property). Also on exhibit will be Sesshu’s View of Amanohashidate (KNM, National Treasure), which depicts Kono Jinja, an important shrine in the Tango District.

Section III highlights the many Kyoto festivities and their allure through paintings – such as Gion Festival from Idemitsu Museum (Important Cultural Property), and Illustrated Scroll of Fujinomori Festival from Hayashibara Museum of Art – as well as objects used in these festivals.
National Treasure
Genealogy of the Amebe Clan