The Kyoto National Museum collects many artworks and cultural objects, holds exhibitions, and conducts fieldwork and research on East Asian art. Research surveys outside the Museum are also an essential duty of our curators, who regularly carry out individual and group research. In addition, the entire curatorial division participates in an annual survey of a selected temple or shrine in Kyoto.

The Conservation Center for Cultural Properties—located on the Museum grounds—provides further research opportunities for our curators to access and record new information on National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties during restoration. The Museum is also home to the Ueno Memorial Foundation for the Study of Buddhist Art, in which all our research members participate. The Foundation holds annual symposiums on Buddhist art and sponsors fieldwork outside the museum for the collection of new data.

The results of these various research activities are announced in annual publications. Academic articles and reports by our curatorial staff are available in Japanese in the annual Kyoto National Museum Bulletin.

Our educational activities include cooperation with the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies at Kyoto University. Currently, four of our curators are full professors and two are associate professors at Kyoto University, where they hold seminars, give lectures, and offer practicum. For the general public, the Museum offers educational programs such as the Saturday Lecture Series and Summer Seminars. The Museum is also involved in cooperative international projects.


Fellows of the Kyoto National Museum.

The Kyoto National Museum Bulletin (written in Japanese)

The annual research journal of the Kyoto National Museum features academic papers, studies of artworks, editorial essays, and fieldwork data. Some of the articles can be seen online by PDF files.

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