Requests to Visitors to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Infection

Requests to Visitors

  1. Precautions Before You Visit

    • Please bring a mask.
    • Please refrain from visiting if you fall into any of the following four categories:
      1. Those with suspected COVID-19 infection or symptoms, such as fever or cough. 2. Those who may have come in close contact with COVID-19 infected person within the past two weeks. 3. Those who have within the past two weeks visited countries or regions currently subject to Japanese government entry restrictions or post-entry quarantine. 4. Those who have within the past two weeks had close contact with residents of countries or regions currently subject to Japanese government entry restrictions or post-entry quarantine.
    • We recommend that visitors downloadthe Japanese coronavirus contract tracing application COCOA.

  2. When Entering the Museum

    • Your temperature will be measured at the entrance. If you are confirmed to have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, you will be refused admission (except during periods of only museum gardens are open).
    • We ask visitors to utilize the Kyoto City Notification Service of COVID-19 Positive Cases. Information in English with a QR code for registration will be posted in the museum.
      The Kyoto City Notification Service of COVID-19 Positive Cases
      In the event that an infection is discovered, information will also be posted on this museum's website.
    • Please wear a mask. If you do not wear a mask, please refrain from entering the museum.

  3. In the Museum and Gardens

    • Please cooperate with cough etiquette, coughing only into your mask.
    • Please wash your hands with soap and disinfect with alcohol. Alcohol for hand disinfection is made available in the museum.

  4. In the Galleries

    • We request all visitors to maintain a distance of preferably at least 1 meter, from other visitors. Please take turns when viewing objects on exhibit. To prevent overcrowding, we request social distancing while waiting in line and may restrict visitor numbers.
    • Please refrain from conversation or utterances.
    • Do not touch the works on view, display cases, walls, or any other objects in the galleries.

  5. Use of Facilities

    • Electric hand dryers (in toilets) and drinking fountains are not in use.
    • Please close the lid of the toilet seat before flushing the toilet.
    • Please minimize time spent resting inside the museum.

  6. Instructions from Museum Staff

    • Museum staff members retain the right to instruct museum visitors independently according to the situation, regardless what is written in the descriptions above. In such cases, please follow the staff member's instructions.

Changes in Evening Hours and Events during the Special Exhibition

  1. Evening Hours

    Evening hours on Fridays and Saturdays have been cancelled. The museum will close those days at 18:00 (entry until 17:30).

  2. The Lectures and Other Events

    Attendance at events in the museum's lecture theater will be restricted to 100 people (half-capacity). Attendees must follow staff instructions when being seated.

  3. Special Exhibition Education Workshop

    The volunteer Kyohaku Navigators workshop has been cancelled.

Primary Measures to Prevent Infection

  1. Installation of rubbing alcohol
  2. Regular cleaning and rigorous disinfection
  3. Staff temperature measurement and health checks
  4. Staff use of masks, gloves, etc.
  5. Acrylic panels and other means of protection to prevent the spread of droplets while serving visitors
  6. Ventilation using air conditioning that brings in fresh air from outside
  7. Restrictions on admission when galleries are crowded
  8. Disabling of electric hands dryers in toilets and of drinking fountains
  9. Posted warnings

A Message to Museum Visitors

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