Chinese Tea Gathering In Honor of the Feature Exhibition Qi Baishi,
March 16 and 17, 2019

Qi Baishi was born in China's Hunan Province, a region famous in part for its tea. In celebration of the opening of the feature exhibition, Qi Baishi: Master of Modern Chinese Painting, and as we impatiently wait for the arrival of spring, we invite you to join us for a Chinese Tea Gathering in the museum’s teahouse and in the garden. There will be a host offering tea in the museum’s tearoom, refreshed for spring, while in the garden another host will offer tea from a special teacart. Come and savor both sweets and tea as you enjoy the beauty of spring.

Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea
Tearoom Host:
Yokoyama Harumi of Kōjitsukyo
Teacart Host:
Ichikawa Takashi, ceramic artist
Confections Host:
Sugiyama Sayoko of Okashimaru
Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17, 2019
1st seating 10:00-10:45
2nd seating 11:00-11:45
3rd seating 12:30-13:15
4th seating 13:30-14:15
5th seating 14:30-15:15
6th seating 15:30-16:15
Kyoto National Museum Tan'an Teahouse (East Garden)
16 people per seating
1,000 yen (includes Chinese tea and a handmade tea sweet), but does not include museum admission.)
How to Register:
Same-day tickets may be purchased on site at the Tan'an Teahouse
Ticket sales begin at 9:45 a.m. and will end when seatings are full.
You are welcome to take photos outside, but we kindly ask you to refrain from taking photographs inside the Tan'an Teahouse.
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Updated:February 8, 2019

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