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Fudomyo'o (Acalanatha)

Fudomyo'o (Acalanatha)

This Fudomyo'o is standing on a rock with one eye looking up, the other looking down and with one canine tooth pointing up, the other pointing down. He holds a sacred sword in one hand and a rope to tie up evil spirits in the other. Fudomy'o is usually portrayed as an unattractive, plump, young boy. In this statue, however, he is slender, his robes are neat and his anger seems controlled. The robes are decorated with colorful designs outlined in gold kirigane. This is a representative example of the finely detailed sculpture of the Fujiwara Period.

Colored wood
Figure height: 79.7 cm
Total height: 88.6 cm
Late-Heian Period (Late-12th Century)
CK 48
Kyoto National Museum

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