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Sunset at Huawu

Sunset at Huawu

Yun Ge (Yun Shouping, Nan Tien 1633-1690) excelled in flowers-and-bird paintings and is counted, along with the four Wangs and Wu Li, as one of the Six Masters of the early-Qing Dynasty. In his youth, he is said to have been much impressed by the landscapes of Wang Hui. In fear that he could never surpass Wang's landscapes, he turned his focus to the subject of flowers and birds. This scroll, however, is proof that Yun was also an accomplished, landscape artist.

The artist's inscription reveals that he painted this work at the age of thirty-nine, in the style of Song painter Hui Chong. The composition, lines and coloring are mild and gentle, and the lakeside villages in the soft evening light are represented with tranquillity and attention to detail.

by Yun Ge
Handscroll, light colors on paper
24.2 x 106.1 cm
China, Qing Dynasty (Dated 1671)
Important Cultural Property
Donated by Mr. Seiichi Ueno
AK 208

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