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Hanging Iron Lantern

Hanging Iron Lantern

The sides of this large, hexagonal lantern are decorated with openwork designs of linked jewels, pine-bark diamonds, linked tortoise-shells, Sanskrit characters and a pair of Kongo Rikishi (Vajrapani) on the door. From the openwork inscription, it is known to be the oldest dated hanging lantern in Japan.

This lantern was made by Sadasumi of Owari Province, and was formerly owned by Choryoji temple in Hakusan. Its archaic form and the exquisite craftsmanship of its decorative designs are representative of Kamakura metalwork.

Height: 67.0 cm
Kamakura Period, (Dated 1319)
Donated by Mr. Soichiro Suzuki
Important Cultural Property
EK 48
Kyoto National Museum

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