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Eight Drinking Hermits

Eight Drinking Hermits

The title of this painting was taken from the poem "Eight Drinking Hermits" by Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. Eight Drinking Hermits is a motif commonly used by Japanese artists. This painting of four hermits was originally one of a pair of screens; each depicting four hermits. According to the inscription, the screen was completed on 3 October 1602, at the request of Lord Kamei Shigenori of Shikano, Inaba Province (today's Tottori Prefecture). It is one of the few representative masterpieces of Kano Yusho (1533-1615).

by Kaiho Yusho
Six-fold screen
Ink on paper
148.0 x 358.0 cm
Momoyama Period (Dated 1602)
Important Cultural Property
AK 263

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