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Kaibu no Mo(Women's Formal Pantaloon-Skirt with Seashore Motif)

Kaibu no Mo(Women's Formal Pantaloon-Skirt with Seashore Motif)

The great Kumano-Hayatama Shrine in Wakayama inherited a large number of sacred shrine treasures through donations by the Ashikaga Shogunate and provincial military commissioners. Provincial commissioners also donated numerous treasures to its subsidiary, the Asuka Shrine. These treasures are now owned by the Japanese National Government.

The collections from these shrines includes a variety of textiles, representative of costume of the nobility, and lacquerware decorated in gold and silver maki'e and mother-of-pearl inlay. Because the approximate dates and circumstances of their production are known, such objects are important data for Japanese art historians.

This mo (formal pantaloon-skirt), in a unusual hitoe-hakama (single layer skirt) style, is painted with kaibu seashore designs. It is believed to be a replica of some noblewoman's costume.

From the collection of the Asuka Shrine, Wakayama Prefecture
Length: 164.5 cm
Namboku-cho Period (c.1390)
National Treasure
IK 68

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