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Tea Bowl with Sabi'e Narcissus Decoration

Tea Bowl with Sabi'e Narcissus Decoration

This tea bowl is part of a complete set of tea ceremony utensils donated to Tennei-ji Temple by Kanamori Sowa (1584-1656). Both Kanamori and his mother were parishioners of the temple.

The shape of the bowl is characteristic of the Ninsei kiln. Narcissi are depicted in sabi'e lacquer and low relief in the layer of white clay under the glaze. The flowers themselves are formed with the fukizumi (sprayed ink) sabi'e method.

This bowl is typical of Sowa's tastes. The foot bears the small seal of "Ninsei."

by Nonomura Ninsei
Height: 8.6 cm
Mouth Diameter: 12.4 cm
Foot Diameter: 4.0 cm
Edo Period (17th Century)
(Tennei-ji Temple, Kyoto)
Important Cultural Property

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