Past Exhibitions

Past Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibition
Masterpieces from the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art: Noh, Chanoyu, and Rinpa
October 9–December 5, 2021 Heisei Chishinkan Wing
Special Exhibition
National Treasures of Kyoto: Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Japan's Ancient Capital
July 24–September 12, 2021 Heisei Chishinkan Wing
Priest Gyōnen 700th Memorial Special Exhibition
The Buddhist Legacy of Jianzhen (Ganjin) and His Successors
March 27–May 16, 2021 Heisei Chishinkan Wing

Past Feature Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition
Olympia Meets Japanese Art
June 5–July 4, 2021
Feature Exhibition
Celebrating the Japanese Doll Festival
February 9–March 7, 2021
Feature Exhibition on the 50th Anniversary of the Ueno Memorial Foundation for the Study of Buddhist Art
The Newsman's Eye: East Asian Painting and Calligraphy Collected by Ueno Riichi
February 2–March 7, 2021

Past Thematic Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition Room Sculpture Calligraphy Textiles and Costumes Metalwork Lacquerware Illustrated Handscrolls Buddhist Paintings Medieval Paintings Momoyama-Edo Paintings Chinese Paintings Ceramics Archaeological Relics
Kyoto: Splendors of the Ancient Capital
Spectember 13–November 16, 2014

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