Past Exhibitions

Past Special Exhibitions

Priest Shinkyō 700th Memorial Special Exhibition
Art of the Ji Shū
A New Sect of Buddhism in the Kamakura Period
April 13 - June 9, 2019 Heisei Chishinkan Wing
Swords of Kyoto: Master Craftsmanship from an Elegant Culture
September 29 - November 25, 2018 Heisei Chishinkan Wing
Special Exhibition; The Genius of Ike no Taiga: Carefree Traveler Legendary Painter
April 7 - May 20, 2018 Heisei Chishinkan Wing

Past Feature Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition
Hina Matsuri and Japanese Dolls
February 13-March 17, 2019
Feature Exhibition
Qi Baishi: Master of Modern Chinese Painting
January 30-March 17, 2019
Feature Exhibition
First Glimpse! The Enthronement of an Emperor
January 30-March 10, 2019

Past Thematic Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition Room Sculpture Calligraphy Textiles and Costumes Metalwork Lacquerware Illustrated Handscrolls Buddhist Paintings Medieval Paintings Momoyama-Edo Paintings Chinese Paintings Ceramics Archaeological Relics
Kyoto: Splendors of the Ancient Capital
Spectember 13 - November 16, 2014

A Message to Museum Visitors

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