Donations Received by the July 2018 Heavy Rains Disaster Relief Fund

We express our condolences to those affected by the severe flooding, landslides, and other damage to various areas caused by heavy rains in Western Japan in July 2018. After this disaster, the Kyoto National Museum solicited donations in support of victims and affected regions. The donations we received, as follows, were sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society in two installments. Thank you to all who donated for your generous support.

Total Donations:
983,416 yen
First Installment
Donation period: July 18–August 31, 2018
Date of transfer to Red Cross: October 1, 2018
Amount: 105,368 yen
Second Installment
Donation period: September 1–November 25, 2018
Date of transfer to Red Cross: December 10, 2018
Amount: 878,048 yen

Updated:December 13, 2018

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