Announcement of Temporary Museum Closures Due to Severe Weather or Other Emergencies

In the case of an official storm warning (bofu keiho) or other special warnings (tokubetsu keiho), the museum may close temporarily to the public. For the most up-to-date information, please check the Kyoto National Museum's official Twitter feed (@kyohaku_gallery), where emergency notifications are posted in Japanese (and English whenever possible).

In what instances might the museum close temporarily?
When a storm warning or other warning is issued for Kyoto or a larger area including Kyoto City, the Kyoto National Museum may temporarily close to the public for the safety of its visitors and staff. If such a warning is still in effect at 6:30 AM, the museum will likely remain closed that morning.

When would the museum re-open after closing temporarily?
If a warning is no longer in effect at noon (or five hours before the museum's normal closing time), the museum may in some cases reopen later in the afternoon. If a warning is still in effect in the afternoon, the museum will usually not reopen until the following day.
Decisions about museum closures and re-openings are made on a case-by-case basis based on safety considerations, so please check Twitter for the latest updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Updated:August 23, 2018

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