Past Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition; Aristocratic Costumes and Furnishings: The Revival of Imperial Palace Culture
December 19, 2017 - January 28, 2018

The classical culture of the Japanese court and aristocracy was established during the Heian period (794–1185). Its lavish traditions were somewhat modified and simplified amidst the wars and social upheaval of the medieval age that followed, but it had a revival in the Edo period (1615–1868), when Japan again settled into an age of peace and seclusion. From then on, the court conducted much research into the intricacies of protocol pertaining to dress and ceremony in Japan’s classical era. This exhibition features aristocratic costumes, furnishings, and other materials in the Kyoto National Museum, many originally from the collection of the Imperial Palace, which exemplify the early modern and modern period classical revival of imperial culture.

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