Past Exhibitions

Imperial Calligraphy
May 12, 2015 - June 14, 2015

"Imperial calligraphy" refers to calligraphic works executed by the Emperor himself. Over the centuries, Emperors of Japan have studied in wide-ranging areas of scholarship and art under the greatest masters of the day, deepening their knowledge and discernment as befits one of such exalted status. The calligraphy produced in this spirit of striving for wisdom and self-betterment is endowed with the extraordinary refinement, regal presence, and insights of Japan's Emperors, and have long been prized for both their historical and their aesthetic value. The selection of Imperial works shown here focuses on two areas, those by Emperors whose handwritten calligraphy scarcely survives today, and those of the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) when the most compellingly original Imperial calligraphy was created. Please enjoy these treasured examples of calligraphy by our nation's rulers.

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