Past Exhibitions

Early Works of Calligraphy (Kohitsu) and Albums of Exemplary Calligraphy (Tekagami)
September 13, 2014 - October 13, 2014

Handwritten words can be viewed not only as linguistic symbols conveying meaning but also as graphic forms to be appreciated visually. The Japanese have always especially prized the aesthetic and associative qualities of handwriting, as seen in the practice of collecting examples, even fragments, of the writings of early masters (kohitsu). Collections of handwriting samples would often be pasted into exemplary albums known as tekagami. This exhibition--which includes the National Treasures Moshiogusa Album of Exemplary Calligraphy (KNM), Hon'ami gire edition (KNM) and Manshu-in edition (Manshu-in) of Kokin wakashū--presents the absolute finest examples of both categories, allowing visitors to revel in the visual art of calligraphy.

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