Past Exhibitions

Ultimate Calligraphy
July 25, 2017 - September 3, 2017

The Kyoto National Museum collection currently contains sixteen works of calligraphy designated as National Treasures of Japan. As you may be aware, this year, the museum will hold a National Treasures special exhibition, from October 3 to November 26—the first of its kind in forty-one years. Nine of these calligraphies will be shown in the exhibition. The other seven National Treasure works of calligraphy are being exhibited here in this preview to the National Treasures exhibition, providing a unique viewing opportunity. In the words of Prince Son’en (1298–1356), himself a talented calligrapher, the souls of their writers reside within handwritten scripts. We hope you enjoy this special showing of National Treasure calligraphy, richly varied in terms of era, content, and region, and feel the souls of our forebears that still live and breathe in them.

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