Past Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition: First Glimpse! The Enthronement of an Emperor
January 30, 2019 - March 10, 2019

2019 is the year planned for the abdication of the Emperor Heisei and the ascension of his son Crown Prince Naruhito to the throne. A little over three-and-a-half centuries ago, in 1663, an earlier ruler Emperor Go-Sai (1638–1685) abdicated his throne. In his place, Prince Satohito (1654–1732), the nineteenth son of the earlier Emperor Gomizunoo, ascended as Emperor Reigen.

In recent years, a rare pair of folding screens by Kano Einō (1631–1697) has been re-discovered, depicting these abdication and enthronement ceremonies. How were such rituals conducted? Who formed the processions? These screens, which are being exhibited for the first time ever alongside related objects, give us a timely glimpse into the hidden world of imperial transition.

Some artworks may also be rotated during the exhibition period. The installation schedule is as follows:
Part I: January 30-February 17, 2019
Part II: February 19-March 10, 2019

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