Past Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition in Celebration of ICOM Kyoto 2019
Masterworks of the Kyoto National Museum: Temple and Shrine Treasures
Textiles that Adorned Shinto Gods, Buddhas, and People
August 14, 2019 - September 16, 2019

For any textile that has survived the test of time, one must ask a number of questions. Who wore it? When was it used? For what occasion was it made? We clothe our bodies on a daily basis, so garments are by nature easily soiled and damaged. It is therefore rare, if not miraculous, when a textile survives for centuries as an heirloom. Each of the works on view here has a remarkable history. By closely and calmly examining these textiles that have survived from the distant past, we can transcend time and space, getting an sense of the motivations and preferences of their makers and owners.

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