Past Exhibitions

Autumnal Textile Designs
August 31, 2016 - October 2, 2016

From ancient times, spring and autumn have stood out as the favorite seasons of the Japanese. Both are times of breathtaking natural beauty that at once evoke poignant feelings about the transience of existence. Autumn can carry additional associations with loneliness about the oncoming winter or the absence of loved ones. This exhibition features autumnal references expressed as textiles motifs. Among them, look for the seven plants (nanakusa) of autumn, which appear frequently in classical waka poetry: bush clover, miscanthus, bellflowers, pinks, kudzu, boneset, and patrinia. Also find chrysanthemums, which are associated with longevity. Maple trees brilliantly decorate the latter part of the season with their colored foliage. And perhaps the most iconic symbol of autumn is the full moon.

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