Past Exhibitions

Textile Patterns: Alternating Bands, Stripes, and Checks
December 18, 2018 - January 27, 2019

Horizontal bands, vertical stripes, and checks of all kinds are some of the most basic woven patterns, easily produced by changing the colors of warps (vertical threads) and wefts (horizontal threads) on the loom. Such geometric patterns can be given additional variation and interest by partially tie-dyeing warps or wefts before weaving to create resist-dyed patterns—a technique called ikat. Some of the horizontal bands featured here were executed not on the loom but by dyeing woven fabric, then further embellishing with geometric patterns for an infinite range of effects.

This exhibition features costumes and other fabrics with bands, stripes, and checks. Made in China, the Ryūkyū Kingdom (Okinawa), and Japan, they show the diversity as well as the interconnectedness of these simplest of patterns.

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