Past Exhibitions

Furnishings of Emperors and Monzeki Temples
February 2, 2016 - March 13, 2016

Furnishings made with the technique of maki-e, painted with precious lacquer and generously ornamented with powdered gold and silver, are truly the height of luxury. From ancient times through the Middle Ages, such goods were the property of the Imperial family or powerful nobles. They used maki-e accoutrements in everyday life, but above all the technique was used for splendid decoration of offerings presented before Shinto and Buddhist deities.

In more recent centuries, maki-e came within reach of samurai or wealthy merchant households as well, but throughout the history the very finest items have been reserved for the Imperial household. Monzeki temples, where retired Emperors, princes and princesses took monastic orders, count among their treasures many furnishings associated with the Imperial family, and other breathtakingly beautiful lacquered works.

We are proud to present these illustrious decorative furnishings of Emperors and monzeki temples for your enjoyment.

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