Past Exhibitions

Illustrated Legends of the Bodhisattva Jizō
February 15, 2022 - March 21, 2022

The bodhisattva Jizō (Skt: Kṣitigarbha) is one of the most popular Buddhist deities in Japan. Often pictured with a shaved head and holding a monk's staff, the compassionate bodhisattva guides people after death, helping them to escape from the sufferings of hell. He is also worshipped widely for his abilities to ward off evil and prevent disaster.
The illustrated handscrolls in this exhibition introduce the stories of two renowned Jizō icons from Kyoto temples: the Yata Jizō of Yata-dera and the Mibu Jizō of Mibu-dera. Each tale illustrates the making of the Jizō statue, providing a glimpse into the world of the Buddhist sculptor as well.

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