Past Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition: Aquarium at the Kyoto National Museum: What Kind of Fish Can You Find? I. A Great Big School of Fish
July 25, 2017 - September 3, 2017

This summer, the galleries of the Kyoto National Museum will transform into an artistic aquarium! Organized together with the Kyoto Aquarium, this is the museum’s first exhibition oriented specifically towards young people. How have human beings interacted with fish? How have we imagined underwater life? From familiar fish to legendary sea creatures, this exhibition provides an opportunity to explore a wide variety of aquatic life. Bring your family and come see all the fish living at the Kyoto National Museum.

I. A Great Big School of Fish

There are lots of fish swimming around the Kyoto National Museum these days! Look around and see if you can discover carp (koi), crucian carp (funa), catfish (namazu), and crabs (kani), as well as exotic fish from China and even sea creatures shaped into Chinese characters. What kind of sea life can you find?

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