Past Exhibitions

Illustrated Handscrolls and Wakasa Province
September 13, 2016 - October 2, 2016

The former province of Wakasa, part of present-day Fukui prefecture, has an ancient history. It is even mentioned in one of this country’s earliest historical records, the eighth-century Nihon shoki (Chronicles of Japan). Like its neighboring province of Tango, Wakasa was located along the coast of the Japan Sea, for which reason it played an essential role in the nation’s diplomatic history. It also had significant salt production and fishing industries that linked it the inland capital of Kyoto. This exhibition features handscrolls relating to the topic of Wakasa—including a recently conserved Important Cultural Property handscroll Protective Deities of Wakasa Province (collection of the Kyoto National Museum). These works give us a sense of the rich natural landscapes, customs, and history of this ancient region of Japan.

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