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Qi Baishi: Master of Modern Chinese Painting
"Insects," "Fish and Shrimp," "Landscapes"
January 30, 2019 - March 17, 2019

The Chinese painter Qi Baishi (1864–1957), known for his clean ink lines and simple colors, has risen in recent years to extraordinary international prominence and popularity. This exhibition, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China, features masterworks from the Beijing Art Academy, to which the artist's family donated many works, together with significant paintings from the Kyoto National Museum's Suma Collection, which have long been preserved in Japan. This is a rare opportunity for visitors to view some of Qi Baishi's greatest works from leading collections in both countries.

The exhibition has two installations:
Part I: January 30-February 24, 2019
Part II: February 26-March 17, 2019

Fish and Shrimp: Mastery of a Familiar Subject

Qi Baishi used subtle ink washes to produce many paintings depicting schools of fish, shrimp, crabs, and other aquatic life. Born in a farming village, Baishi is said to have familiarized himself with the ceaseless underwater gatherings and scatterings of these creatures as a young boy. His works expertly convey the continual movement and vitality of aquatic life.

Landscapes: Figurative Art Born from Travels Far and Wid

After the age of forty, Qi Baishi began taking numerous extended journeys around China. During this time, he began to establish his own original style drawing on real-life scenery and on traditional landscape representations learned from manuals and classical paintings. Baishi’s landscapes are notable for their distinctive compositions, simple and vigorous brushstrokes, and rich, vibrant colors.

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Feature Exhibition
Qi Baishi: Master of Modern Chinese Painting
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【Gallery 2F-2】"Birds and Animals," "Insects"
【Gallery 2F-4】"Landscapes," "Gods and Human Figures," "Calligraphy and Seals," "Study"

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