Past Exhibitions

Sliding Door Paintings from the Yōtoku-in of Daitoku-ji Temple II
February 26, 2020

The sliding door paintings of the Kyoto National Museum featured in this section formerly were installed at the Abbot's Quarters hōjō of the Yōtoku-in, a subtemple of Daitoku-ji Temple, in Kyoto. Surviving records reveal that most of them were painted around 1490 and as such they represent the oldest extant examples of sliding doors featuring ink paintings executed in Japan. Parts were executed by Oguri Sōtan (1431–1481) and his son Sōkei, painters of the Muromachi shogunate. Because the temple underwent several major restorations, sections of the original paintings were altered and repainted during the process. Representing the Zen culture of the medieval period, this section introduces works that originally belonged to the Yōtoku-in in two parts.

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