Past Exhibitions

Feature Exhibition Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Conservation Center for Cultural Properties:
The Conservation of Japanese Art
December 19, 2020 - January 31, 2021

The Conservation Center for Cultural Properties was established in July of 1980 to serve as a regulated, efficient venue for the conservation of registered cultural properties by private conservation studios. It was the first public art conservation facility in Japan. This exhibition commemorates the Conservation Center's fortieth anniversary by introducing a range of selected works of art that have recently been conserved together with some of the findings made during their conservation process.

Chapter 2. The Miracles of Restoration: Discoveries Made during the Conservation Process

The conservation of cultural properties probes into aspects of artworks that generally go unseen, from the votive objects locked inside Buddhist sculptures to inscriptions hidden away between layers of a painting's paper lining. These hitherto unexamined pieces often hold long-sought keys to the production process of the artwork in question. This portion of the exhibition introduces some of the most groundbreaking discoveries about artworks made through the conservation process in recent years.

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