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Going Ape for the Year of the Monkey Part 3: Mu Qi and Monkeys in Medieval Ink Painting
December 15, 2015 - January 24, 2016

A Buddhist monk and painter named Mu Qi (known as Mokkei in Japan) was active in late 13th-century China. His style of painting, which involved thin washes of ink that made the world he depicted appear bathed in soft light, gained even greater popularity in Japan than in China. In particular, medieval ink and wash painters were charmed and amazed at his depictions of gibbons (tenagazaru) and frequently took up the subject in their own paintings. This section presents "monkeys in the style of Mu Qi" by Kanto-based painters such as Shikibu and Sesson, among others.

This room also features a painting with auspicious subject matter suitable for New Year's. Have a look, and it may bring you good luck in the new year!

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