Past Exhibitions

Modern Chinese Painting
November 18, 2014 - December 23, 2014

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the newly established Republic of China was also undergoing revolutionary movements in the artistic realm. Artists of the Lingnan School, based in Canton, were quick to incorporate the painting techniques and stylistic qualities of Western-influenced Japanese paintings of the day. At the other end of the spectrum were Beijing artists such as Qi Baishi (1864–1957), who strived to revive traditional painting and developed a simplified but sensitive Chinese artistic mode. In Shanghai, artists such as Wu Changshi (1844–1927) and Huang Binhong (1865–1955) gained popularity by building on the traditions of the late Qing dynasty to develop a fresh new style, while other Western-style artists painted in traditional ink-diverse artistic developments befitting a modern metropolis.

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