Past Exhibitions

Chinese Albums, Handscrolls, and Fan Paintings from the Suma Collection
February 23, 2016 - March 21, 2016

The Suma Collection is one of the highlights of the Kyoto National Museum’s Chinese holdings. Suma Yakichirō (1892–1970) was a Japanese diplomat who spent over ten years in China, where he befriended and interacted regularly with leading Chinese painters of the day. Through these deep networks, he was able to amass a significant collection of Ming and Qing dynasty paintings, as well as numerous modern Chinese masterworks. The enormous collection, comprising more than 1000 works, has been donated to the Kyoto National Museum in increments over the last two decades. This exhibition, featuring selections of album leaves, handscrolls, and fan papers, as well as hanging scrolls onto which small-format paintings have been remounted, gives us a glimpse into the rarified world of Chinese art connoisseurship in the early twentieth century.

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