Past Exhibitions

Sometsuke: The Beauty of Blue and White
June 17, 2017 - September 3, 2017

Sometsuke is a Japanese term referring to the technique of decorating ceramics with brush-painted designs in underglaze cobalt blue on a white ground. Transparent glaze is applied on top of this painted bisque before firing, producing a vivid shade of blue that is known in China as qinghua (literally “blue flower”). In Japan it is called sometsuke (literally “with dye”) because the color resembles dyed indigo blue. Because of its versatility, the technique is used widely across Asia, the range of blue and white ceramic styles reflecting the varied regional characteristics of different countries. Though this technique utilizes only one color, the results are rich in personality and variety due to the shading and brushstrokes. This exhibition presents diverse works of the genre.

Ceramics of Japan and East Asia
June 17, 2017 - September 3, 2017

Traditionally, ceramics has been an applied art, not only for viewing but also used as dishware or everyday furnishings, and is a familiar part of our surroundings. Ceramics produced in East Asia in particular vary widely in terms of pattern, form, and color, and are used for an extraordinarily wide range of applications. Works from different production sites are made with different materials, such as earthenware or porcelain, and have strongly distinct character depending on the variety of clay, glaze materials, ornamentation, firing technique and so forth. Here we present a variety of ceramics primarily from Japan, China, and the Korean Peninsula, along with explanations of their distinctive qualities and unique appeal.

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