Past Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibition
Masterpieces from the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art: Noh, Chanoyu, and Rinpa
Special Exhibition
National Treasures of Kyoto: Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Japan's Ancient Capital
Priest Gyōnen 700th Memorial Special Exhibition: The Buddhist Legacy of Jianzhen (Ganjin) and His Successors
Special Exhibition in Celebration of the Emperor's Enthronement: Treasures from the Imperial Palace
Kannon Worship: The Thirty-three Pilgrimage Sites of Western Japan
The Thirty-Six Immortal Poets: Elegant Arts of the Classical Japanese Court
Priest Shinkyō 700th Memorial Special Exhibition: Art of the Ji Shū
Swords of Kyoto: Master Craftsmanship from an Elegant Culture
The Genius of Ike no Taiga: Carefree Traveler Legendary Painter
Kyoto National Museum 120th Anniversary Commemorative Special Exhibition National Treasures: Masterpieces of Japan
Kyoto National Museum 120th Anniversary Commemorative Special Exhibition Kaiho Yusho
Sakamoto Ryōma: Japan's Favorite Hero
The Art of ZEN From Mind to Form
RINPA: The Aesthetics of the Capital
Kano Painters of the Momoyama Period: EITOKU'S LEGACY
Masterpieces of Kosan-ji Temple: Commemorating the Restoration of the National Treasure Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Humans
Pilgrimage through Minami Yamashiro
Past Special Exhibitions

>>Past Special Exhibitions

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