East Garden

The East Garden is located on a sloping hilltop in the southeastern corner of the museum grounds that is a garden of stone sculptures from the Korean Peninsula. After a visit to the exhibition halls, enjoy a peaceful stroll through this little hidden oasis.

The East Garden

Tomb Figurines
  • Stone Human
    Stone Human
  • Stone Sheep
    Stone Sheep
  • Thirteen Human Figures, Pair of Sheep, Two Lanterns, Fives Stands, Eight Square Bases, Two Pairs of Columns
    Korea, Joseon dynasty (1392-1910)
    Gift of Yamamoto Aya
    Kyoto National Museum
  • From ancient times, the tombs of powerful figures were adorned with stone figurines on the Korean Peninsula and China. These sculptures come from the Korean Joseon dynasty (1392-1910).
Stone Stupa and Buddhas
  • Stone Stupa and Buddhas
    Stone Stupa and Buddhas
  • These votive stone objects were unearthed behind the stonewall of Hōkō-ji Temple.

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