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White Horse

White Horse

Black Horse

Black Horse

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White Horse
Black Horse


Tomb Figurines of a Pair of Horses

  • Three-color-glazed pottery
  • White horse:
    Height: 71.2 cm
    Length: 82.5 cm
  • Black horse:
    Height: 70.0 cm
    Length: 76.5 cm
  • China, Tang Dynasty (8th Century)
  • Donated by Mrs. Kinuko Zenidaka
  • Important Art Object
  • GK 214
  • Kyoto National Museum

These black and white tomb figurines are meant to portray rare breeds of horses. The black horse, covered in dark-brown glaze, has an unusual metallic luster. The white horse's strange, pinkish coloring was achieved by coating white clay with a white-slip, spotting with yellow primer, then applying an over-coat of white glaze. The saddles and other trappings are beautifully colored in three-color glazes. Few of the many other existing tomb horses can rival the elaborate workmanship on this pair.

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