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Since 2009, the Kyoto National Museum has been visiting elementary and junior high schools in Kyoto City to offer Cultural Properties School Outreach Classes in partnership with the Kyoto Culture Association and with cooperation from the Kyoto City Board of Education. These classes are conducted using high-resolution reproductions of important artworks made with cutting-edge digital technology combined with traditional craftmanship.
The classes are taught by volunteer undergraduate and graduate students serving as "Cultural Property Sommeliers," who have been trained by museum staff. Their pedagogical approach emphasizes dialogue with children to stimulate interest and curiosity rather than simply to convey information. This program helps to prepare the next generation to pass on to the future the invaluable cultural properties that have been carefully preserved by people of the past.

School outreach class in 2013 (Kyoto Municipal Mizu Elementary School)
School outreach class in 2013 (Kyoto Municipal Mizu Elementary School)

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