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Support the Kyoto National Museum's mission to preserve invaluable works of art and cultural heritage for future generations.

The treasures in the Kyoto National Museum have been preserved over centuries, embodying the cultural heritage not only of Kyoto and Japan, but of all humankind.
Unfortunately, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to procure funding for the kind of activities (acquisition, storage, conservation, etc.) necessary to preserve cultural heritage for future generations.
In April 2012, the Kyoto National Museum established the Kyoto National Museum Cultural Property Conservation Fund to generate funding for these important activities through donations from museum supporters.
We sincerely appreciate your generous support.

How to Support the Kyoto National Museum

Cultural Property Conservation Fund
Donation Box
Merchandise to Support the Cultural Property Conservation Fund

Annual Donation Reports

Information regarding donations is reported every fiscal year.
2021 fiscal year
2020 fiscal year

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