Director's Welcome

Matsumoto Nobuyuki, Director

Welcome to the website of the Kyoto National Museum.

The Kyoto National Museum is located between the picturesque Kamo River and the iconic hills of the Higashiyama "Eastern Mountain" district, and preserves a remarkable collection of cultural properties that reflect the rich legacy of Kyoto's history and traditional culture. The seat of the imperial court for over one thousand years, from the eighth to the nineteenth century, the city of Kyoto played a central role in the formation of Japanese arts and culture. Through the preservation of its diverse collection, the museum endeavors to maintain and pass on this cultural heritage to future generations, and to cultivate a deeper appreciation for Japanese art and culture among people throughout the world.

Over its long and storied history, Kyoto has both thrived in times of prosperity and persevered in times of hardship. As recent global events have caused many to reflect on the role of museums in contemporary society, the Kyoto National Museum is as committed as ever to deepening its engagement with the international community and an ever-changing information society through exhibitions, research, and events. The museum strives to be a center for lifelong learning for people of all ages and backgrounds. While the museum continually reaffirms its strong ties to the local community, it also welcomes a diverse range of visitors from across Japan and the world.

This website offers a wide array of information relating to the museum and its activities, including past, present, and future exhibitions. We invite you to make full use of its resources, and we look forward to welcoming you in person to the Kyoto National Museum.

Matsumoto Nobuyuki
Director, Kyoto National Museum

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