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Soapstone Container

Soapstone Container

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Soapstone Container


Cinerary Urn

  • Three-color-glazed pottery
  • Height: 22.5 cm
    Diameter: 27.6 cm
  • Nara Period (8th Century)
  • Excavation site: Kitanakoso, Wakayama Prefecture
  • Important Cultural Property
  • JK 259
  • Kyoto National Museum

The form of this cinerary urn closely resembles the medicine jar in the Shosoin Repository. When the urn was excavated in 1963, it was encased in a soapstone container and contained cremated remains.

Both the lid and the body of the urn are spotted in white, green and brown "three-color" glazes. The clear glaze tones, balanced shape and technical sophistication make this one of the representative works of Nara Period, three-color glazed pottery.

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